CZZN Media brief introduction


Guangzhou Chengzhi Culture Media Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016, focusing on the unique thinking insights into the future, and enriching the content operation to change the world. The main business scope of the company is radio, television, film and film recording operations, is a professional film and television media production company.

The company successfully produced "Guangzhou Fortune Forum publicity video", "Huizhou Huicheng District Publicity Video", "Foshan Sanshui District Publicity Video" and participated in the drone performance at the guangzhou sub-venue of the 16th and 17th Spring Festival Gala, and won unanimous praise. The company is currently making promotional videos in Guangdong province and Guangzhou.

The company has abundant DJI uav resources, professional UAV pilots, skilled post-production team, and relevant shooting sites and resources, and is committed to producing more better and higher quality government propaganda films and advertising films. At present, the company has carried out many projects, mainly serving government agencies, Xinhua News Agency and relevant public institutions.

Media service

  • Film and television advertisements

    Government and enterprise propaganda films, film and television advertising production, film and television head production
    Radio and television program production and distribution

  • Cultural planning

    Film and television cultural and art activities communication, planning, advertising design, we-media operation
    Exhibition and display services, panorama production

  • Rental services

    Photography services, photo equipment rental


Works album

Works appreciation
  • Guangzhou City Image Promotional Video


    Wealth BBS (1)
    Promotional video (3)

  • Image promotion video of Zhuhai



  • Huizhou city image promotion video


    Propaganda collection(3)