Tether Power Supply System

czi’s new generation tether power supply system - TK300 is coming with fully upgraded. The weight is significantly reduced, the IP protection level increased, two transportation mode is flexible and easy to use in various special scenes. The unique foldable waterproof stand, combined with working lighting to make the power system easily satisfies the night operation. TK300 includes two parts: power supply drone end and integrated power supply ground end. The TK300 can convert single-phase or three-phase AC power into DC high voltage and transmits it to the onboard power supply through a high-performance nickel alloy power supply cable to continuously supply power to the drone. With manual and automatic cable retrieve options, highly integrated ground power supply, high-performance power supply cable, and automatic cable retrieve device. It is light, portable, and highly protective. It can effectively reduce the impact and bending of the cable, and the cable is convenient to be retracted and released. TK300 tether power supply system adapts to DJI’s full range of industrial drones, providing up to 80 meters(customized 110 meters) of the power supply cable. It can combine with czi illumination light and high-power gimbal searchlight and so on to fulfill the need for long-time and large-area emergency lighting, monitoring and rescue scenes.



Backpack Tethered Power System TK3

czi TK3, a new generation of Backpack tethered power system for czi, has been further optimized in size and weight, and it converts the 220V AC power into 400V DC and high-voltage DC power, which is transmitted to the drone through a highperformance nickel alloy power supply cable, so that the drone can achieve 24-hour uninterrupted flight. With the use of drone matrix lights, high-power gimbal lights, gimbal cameras and other mission loads, it can meet the needs of long-term and large-area emergency lighting and monitoring in complex emergency scenarios.