Matrix lamp

ML150 Matrix Lamp has a power of 150W, a single lumen of up to 15000LM, and 48V power supply, which can be better used in combination with the tied UAV system.It has a 30° high concentration concave lens, which can effectively concentrate the light and provide a wide range of bright lighting.The patented CZZN matrix lighting can be combined with UAV to form a compact and convenient high-altitude large-range emergency lighting system, which can provide rapid and high-quality large-range lighting for night-time emergency rescue, accident handling, hunting and investigation, film and television shooting and other application scenes.

  • High power, strong brightness

    48V power supply design The power is up to 150 watts 17000 lumens Strong brightness, large lighting range

  • Flexible power supply, super long lighting

    Independent battery support Support tethered power supply Free to switch short/long range Maximum illumination: over 10 hours

  • The spotlight is very concentrated

    30 degree high concentration concave lens More focused lighting Patented heat dissipation structure design Heat dissipation is more efficient

  • Over current protection

    Intelligent circuit protection system Automatic detection of power supply status and lamp panel temperature Over discharge and over voltage can power off automatically Protection of power supply safety

Adapted models

  • Matrice 210 series Tethered uav
  • Matrice 300 RTK Tethered uav
  • Matrice 600 series Tethered uav

Application scene video