Gimbal Searchlight

GL300 Gimbal Searchlight is specially designed for long-term and large-scale emergency lighting scene. Its power is five times that of GL60, up to 300W, and the illumination brightness exceeds 30,000 lumens. Optical lens group is adopted to project clearer and brighter beams at a 45-degree Angle, so as to meet the lighting needs of a wider range. The Triaxial PTZ provides a more flexible exposure Angle, which can be used to project the bright light from the safe airspace away from the crowd to the target position. It adopts CZZN standardized quick-disassembly interface design, which can be adapted to all kinds of industry UAV, and has burst flash mode. The instant lumen can reach up to 50,000, which plays the effect of blinding caused by strong light, and can meet the needs of emergency and public security departments for night patrol, special disposal, emergency rescue and other night operations.

  • Super high power, super brightness

    7 LED beads 300 W high power 21000 lumen value 45 degree lighting, larger area

  • Good pitch to follow objects in different situations

    The PTZ rotates in pitch Convenient and flexible multi-angle lighting It can be matched with fixed point lighting of tied power supply Battery-powered search for lighting is also available

  • Imaging optics, no reflective bowl

    Optical lens imaging technology Uniform brightness and clarity No reflective bowl design No secondary spot

  • Standard interface, universal mount

    DJI SkyPort V2.0 interface is adopted Suitable for DJI UAV Matrice series CZZN universal interface can be selected Suitable for more industry drones

Adapted models

  • Matrice 300 RTK

Application scene video