GL60 ZOOM [phase out]

Gimbal Searchlight

GL60 Z00M Gimbal Searchlight adds zoom capability to the GL60 prime configuration ,rated power up to 65W, can be between 7.5-33 degrees smooth adjustment of the light Angle, focus, flash flexible scheduling, the longest irradiation distance up to 200 meters. This product provides more flexible and convenient aerial lighting effect for UAV night operation. It can be directly mounted on DJI M200 V2, M300 RTK and other UAV series through DJI SkyPort V2.0 interface. It can meet the requirements of night patrol, investigation and evidence collection, warning and evacuation, direction indication, power line patrol, search and rescue and other night operations.

  • High lumen LED linear dimming

    High lumen LED linear dimming Rated power up to 65W Effective light up to 200 meters Flexible brightness control

  • Flexible zoom, automatic follow

    Fresnel lens optical zoom structure 7.5 to 33 degrees of light Angle Follow the camera zoom and rotation Wherever the camera goes, the light comes

  • Multiple modes, target tracking

    With strong flash mode Can concentrate light/flood light Can lock and capture moving objects Continuous irradiation follow-up

  • Fully sealed waterproof and dustproof design

    Non-fan fully sealed design Better waterproof and dustproof performance

Adapted models

  • Matrice 210 V2
  • Matrice 300 RTK
  • Matrice 350 RTK

Application scene video