UAV Material Dispenser

The czi TD40 series unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) material dispenser is perfectly compatible with the DJI T40 and T20 crop protection machines. Each throwing hook of this series of dispensers can bear a weight of 10 kilograms. The TD40 is equipped with four throwing hooks, allowing a single payload of 40 kilograms. The TD40P includes two dispensers with a total of eight hooks, theoretically allowing a payload of 80 kilograms (actual payload weight depends on the UAV's carrying capacity). The TD40 series dispensers come with a built-in wireless data transmission module, with a maximum control distance of 2 kilometers. The ground end is designed as an extension component for the DJI T-series crop protection machine remote controller, enabling a single person to operate the UAV flight and material delivery tasks.

  • Multiple aerial deliveries

    Equipped with 4/8 throwing hooks. Two devices can be connected in parallel. Complete 4/8 rounds of aerial delivery tasks in a single operation.

  • Lightweight carrying capacity

    Weighing only 0.8/1.6kg. Can carry a maximum of 40/80kg of supplies. Bearing a weight 50 times its own.

  • Convenient control

    Comes with a built-in radio module. Controlled by a DJI remote controller. Real-time information displayed on the window.

  • Quick installation and removal

    Compact and efficient structure. Unique quick-detach method. Single-person aerial delivery operation.

Adapted models

  • DJI T40
  • DJI T20