TK300 Ground power supply system

Tk300 new generation ground power supply system, fully upgraded. The weight is reduced by half, the IP protection level is improved, and the two transportation modes of backpack and hand-held are pioneered. It can be used flexibly in various special scenes. It has a unique foldable anti water foot stand, and can easily meet the night operation with the near-field lighting system with a lighting area of 30 square meters. Tk300 includes two parts: airborne power supply (sky end) and integrated take-up and pay off machine (ground end). The system can convert single-phase AC into DC high voltage and transmit it to the airborne power supply through high-performance nickel alloy power supply cable, so as to continuously supply power to the aircraft for a long time. Among them, the manual and self integrated take-up and take-off machine is highly integrated with ground power supply, high-performance power supply cable and automatic take-up and take-off device. It is light, portable and highly protective. It can effectively reduce the impact and bending of cables, and the cable is convenient to take-up and take-off. Tk300 ground power supply system adapts to the full range of DJI industrial machines and provides 110m long power supply cables for plug and play. It can be matched with UAV matrix lamp and high-power cloud table lamp, which can meet the needs of long-term and large-area emergency lighting and meet the use of monitoring, rescue and other practical scenes.

  • Long endurance hover

    Ground 3KW power; Sustainable power supply for UAVs; Long hover

  • Multiple power supply modes

    Accumulator power supply; 220V mains power supply; Generator power supply

  • Dual mode transportation

    Knapsack type; Portable; Ergonomic strap

  • Ground working mode

    Foldable waterproof support; Led near field light; 30 ㎡ bright lighting

Adapted models

  • M200
  • M300
  • M30