Electronic dispenser

Chengzhi es series is a special electronic dispenser for UAV. It is developed based on Dajiang psdk and is suitable for Dajiang M300 flight platform. With unique quick release support and locking structure, it is convenient and fast to disassemble. Multiple anti vibration and anti impact design, stable and reliable. According to the actual task, the launching silo can be quickly selected and replaced to complete continuous and rapid firing, and is compatible with many types of ammunition. It adopts modular design, uses a unified transmitter controller, real-time returns video pictures through psdk link, psdk link control and floating window operation. It can be completed by one person without additional third-party hardware remote control. In combination with Dajiang H20 or h20t, reconnaissance, tracking and strike tasks can be completed. Equipped with laser assisted sight, the strike is more accurate and reliable. The unique quick disassembly mode of es838 is convenient and efficient. With multi-layer anti-static and shock absorption design, all structural positions can withstand 50kg impact force without deformation, with higher reliability and ease of use. 8 rounds of 38mm caliber electric shock ammunition, including smoke bombs, riot bombs, etc., are used to disperse illegal assembly, mob riots, riots and other activities, as well as criminals in uniform buildings.

  • Large loading capacity

    8 rounds at a time, Reduce round trip frequency.

  • Easy to operate

    Based on Dajiang psdk, Dajiang remote control, View the screen in real time.

  • Quick installation

    Adapt to Dajiang M300, Unique quick disassembly method.

  • Reliable and easy to use

    50kg impact without deformation, Multi layer anti-static, Shock absorption design.

Adapted models

  • M300