UAV DMR communication relay

Chengzhi UAV DMR communication relay CR10 adopts automatic addressing to complete wireless networking. The whole network uses the same frequency, does not rely on any wired link resources, and does not need the support of 4G or satellite and other public wireless link resources. It has the advantages of fast networking speed, strong independence, high survivability, flexible network expansion, no engineering commissioning, and meets the requirements of mountains, forests, high-rise buildings The coverage requirements of tunnels and other signal blind areas provide a strong relay guarantee for emergency communication operations of government departments.

  • Fast networking and flexible expansion

    Automatic addressing, No wired link resources are required, No wireless link resources are required, No debugging required.

  • Multilevel forwarding coverage blind area

    No central interconnection, Large communication coverage.

  • Common frequency dual use

    Multiple relays use one frequency, Voice transmission channel, Base station link transmission channel.

  • Clear voice in the same frequency and broadcast

    Six hop networking, Same single frequency point, Same frequency and same broadcast.

Adapted models