CZI MP130S is a long-range acoustic device (LRAD) for UAVs. It has ultra high sound pressure, can clearly transmit speech to a distance, effective sound raising distance up to 500 meters. The product adopts the second generation UAV digital voice broadcasting system, which integrates DJI UAV and LTE dual link to ensure that voice broadcasting can be carried out anytime and anywhere. Through the LTE link, it is not limited by distance, through the command center can be real-time propaganda, remote dispatch. It is equipped with standard handheld microphone, effectively prevent howling and reduce environmental noise interference, shout voice more clear, and with a color screen, visual switching audio files, more intuitive operation. Optimized into a voice/text library, can quickly call the industry commonly used broadcast content, and support the upload of mobile phone audio files, firmware remote upgrade, etc., User experience has gone up dramatically. MP130S has strong sound penetration, small size, light weight, low power consumption and excellent magnetic shielding performance, which is specially developed for UAV industry applications. Seamless compatibility with DJI's M200V2/M300 series flight platforms via DJISKYPORTV2.0 interface. The MP130C can be connected to most of the UAVs in the market through the CZI adapter ring.

  • Dual link handheld mic

    PSDK&LTE, Dual links guarantee communication, Handheld mic comes standard, Color screen visualization operation.

  • Multiple play modes

    Real-time propaganda, TTS, voice upload, Audio file upload and playback, CZI language library/text library calls.

  • 130 dB 500 m

    130dB shock volume, 500m propagation distance, Over the LTE link, Control unlimited distance.

  • Synchronous pitching, precise broadcasting

    Through the DJI interface, it is plug-and-play, Automatic synchronous pitching, Follow the gimbal camera swing, Achieve the best broadcast effect.

Adapted models

  • M200 V2
  • M300

Application scene video