MP130 V2

Digital Voice Broadcasting System MP130 V2

The MP130 V2 is a Long-Range Acoustic Device(LRAD) for s, with ultra-high sound pressure to clearly transmit voice to distant locations, with an effective range of up to 500 meters. With the second generation of the drone digital voice broadcasting system, it combines DJI PSDK links to ensure voice broadcasting anytime and anywhere. The MP130 V2 has strong sound penetration,and its small, lightweight has low power consumption, and has excellent magnetic shielding performance, developed for drone industry applications. With the DJI Skyport V2.0 interface, it is seamlessly compatible with DJI Matrix M200 V2/M300 series flight platforms.

  • Live broadcasting

    TTS、voice upload

  • Various modes

    Upload and playback audio file. Call to czi voice library, text library etc.

  • 130dB 500meters

    130dB powerful volume. 500m ultra-loud sound.

  • Synchronous pitching&Precise broadcasting

    Instantly available via DJI. Automatic synchronous pitching. Follow the gimbal camera to optimum broadcast results.

Adapted models

  • M200 V2
  • M300
  • M350

Application scene video