M4 [phase out]

Multifunctional rescue load

M4 Multifunctional rescue load, includes FL48 red and blue flashing lights, ML110 matrix lights, TH4 Throwing hook, and MP130-C digital voice broadcast system. Relying on the 4G link control integrated equipment of MP130-C, the software can control the whole set of equipment quickly and conveniently, and respond to various emergency rescue scenarios quickly and flexibly. It can be directly mounted on DJI M600 and M600Pro.

  • High level of integration

    The common rescue loads are concentrated in one Compact and lightweight

  • Easy installation

    Its own PTZ bracket Compatible with DJI Z30 X3 X5 Gimbal installation Quick disassembly of a single or entire load

  • Control is convenient

    Controlled by CZZN mobile APP Graphical UI operations are simple and straightforward 4G link remote stability control

  • Safe and reliable

    Two-way communication, real-time return of abnormal data Automatic switch of double power input

Adapted models

  • Matrice 600 series
  • MG - 1 series