MP118 LTE [phase out]


MP118 LTE UAV Digital voice broadcasting system, small size loud volume, maximum volume exceeding 118dB, effective voice range up to more than 100 meters.You can shout in real time by using APP control, battery life is more than one hour, equipped with universal interface, easy to disassemble and install. It can be used with Mavic 2, Phantom 4, Inspire 2 and other light load drones to meet the needs of more consumer level Shouting scenes.

  • Small and loudly

    It weighs only about 180g The size is 73 mm * 73 mm * 70 mm Maximum volume up to 118dB Effective distance up to 100m

  • Real-time Shouting, remote command

    Shout through command center TTS, recording upload Upload and play MP3 files, etc

  • 4G module, APP control

    Built-in 4G communication module With China Mobile traffic card Including one year flow fee Mobile APP control

  • Built-in battery, easy to install

    Standard 1500mAh battery The longest endurance is over 1 hour Configure corresponding widgets Quick and easy to disassemble and assemble

Adapted models

  • DJI- Phantom series
  • DJI- Inspire series
  • DJI- Mavic series