Red and blue flashing lights

FL48 Red and blue flashing light adds red and blue flashing function based on the strong performance of ML110 matrix light, which is transformed into the uav flashing light, which adds striking logo for the police UAV and improves the identification degree of the police UAV. FL48 is applicable to many scenarios such as security and emergency response. In the process of law enforcement and emergency response with uav, FL48 can play a strong deterrent role and provide identity identification for emergency rescue forces to facilitate the efficient implementation of rescue operations.

  • The logo is very clear

    Flicker frequency up to 150 times/min Under a hot sun and a clear sky The red and blue lights were still visible

  • The control is convenient

    Added blaster signal control box Development based on DJI OSDK Synchronizes the UAV data link Control is safer and more convenient

  • Easy to operate

    CZZN software control is adopted At the same time retain the suspension window function The UAV and FL48 can be synchronously controlled on the PILOT interface

  • Flexible power supply

    Adapted to DJI M300 RTK UAV Use OSDK port for power supply and communication control Reduce out-of-pocket power troubles Streamlined and flexible power supply

Adapted models

  • Matrice 300 RTK

Application scene video