Backpack Tethered Power System TK3

czi TK3, a new generation of Backpack tethered power system for czi, has been further optimized in size and weight, and it converts the 220V AC power into 400V DC and high-voltage DC power, which is transmitted to the drone through a highperformance nickel alloy power supply cable, so that the drone can achieve 24-hour uninterrupted flight. With the use of drone matrix lights, high-power gimbal lights, gimbal cameras and other mission loads, it can meet the needs of long-term and large-area emergency lighting and monitoring in complex emergency scenarios.

  • Strong expansibility

    - Independent control link - Cooperate with a variety of drone mission payloads

  • Hovering during long endurance

    - 24-hour drone power supply - Hovering in the air for a long time - Wired / wireless OTA upgrade function

  • Safe power supply

    - Power supply data display - Automatic alarm for power failure - Automatic fault prompt

  • Lightweight and portable

    - Weight < 8kg - Load with an exclusive backpack - Quickly disassembled tripod

Adapted models

  • M30