Searchlight and Broadcasting System

czi LP35 Searchlight and broadcasting system, rated power up to 90W, can be adapted to DJI M300 / M350RTK drone through the OSDK interface. LP35 can emit a sharp beam of 13° with uniform brightness, with an irradiation height of 150m, a central illumination of 6.3 lux and an effective searchlight area of 917 square meters. The loudspeaker has strong sound penetration, the highest sound pressure can reach 126dB, the effective sound lifting distance is 400 meters, and it supports live broadcasting, TTS and other functions, which is convenient and fast to operate. The built-in red and blue flashing warning lights can effectively improve the recognition of police drones, and at the same time, they can be linked with the gimbal camera to perfectly cooperate with the camera operation.

  • Multi-function

    - Warning lights, lighting, warning three-in-one - A weight of only 550g

  • Easy to disassemble and assemble

    - Compatible with M300 / M350 RTK - Unique assembly and disassembly design

  • Wisdom linkage

    - Use with gimbal camera - The searchlight can be linked to the camera

  • Good sound and light

    - 126dB peak sound pressure - The effective searchlight distance of 150m - The effective broadcast distance of 400m

Adapted models

  • DJI M350
  • DJI M300