GL60 mini

Gimbal Searchlight

czi GL60 mini Gimbal Searchlight, weighs only 240g, but can provide a central brightness of 6000lm, with the rated power of 70W, can emit a sharp beam at 13°. The effective search distance can reach 150 meters, bring a more flexible and convenient lighting experience for drones to operate at night; GL60 mini integrates AI algorithm smart technology, the light spot can be automatically centered on the camera screen, so that the light beam truly follows; through the DJI SkyPort V2.0 interface, it can perfectly adapt to the DJI Matrice M30 drone. It meets the needs of night operations such as night inspections, warnings and evictions, power line inspections, search and rescue, etc.

  • Built-in micro gimbal

    - Gimbal with three-axis stability augmentation and anti-shake - Accuracy reaches to 0.005° - Compensate in Live for shaking

  • LED linear light-adjust

    - LED light source with big power - LED Power for white light 60W - 6000lm high brightness

  • Irradiated from 13°

    - Image optical technique - Sharp beam of 13° - Effective search distance 150m

  • Intelligent integration

    - AI algorithm intelligent technique - Automatically centering for light spot - Light beam changes with angle

Adapted models

  • DJI Matrice M30