Drone Sound Pickup

The PK10 Drone Sound pickup, suitable for the DJI Mavic3 Enterprise drone, is the first mission payload specifically developed for drones to collect audio data.Using state-of-the-art acoustic technology and algorithms, the PK10 minimizes noise entering the pickups, intelligently identifies and eliminates noise, and transmits high-quality audio data back. In addition to realizing the live broadcast of sound aerial footage, it can also be applied to animal voiceprint collection,emergency audio and video transmission and other scenarios.

  • Smooth live broadcast

    - Smooth and clear pictures - Support screen switching - Support video playback

  • Clear pickup

    - Deep / light pickup noise cancellation - Files stored by default - Lossless audio format

  • Live Streaming Synchronization

    - External HDMI large screen - Access to live broadcast platforms such as bilibili and Kuaishou - Multiplayer online synchronous view

  • Online Upgrade

    - Use the app to upgrade the firmware - Unbinding, device information view

Adapted models

  • DJI Mavic3 E
  • DJI Mavic3 T