Matrix lamp

The ML110 Matrix Lamp is suitable for M210/M600/MG-1 series lighting. The device is suitable for patrol inspection, criminal pursuit, prison guard, search and rescue inspection, industrial and mining, villa, manor, farm care and other purposes.The lighting system adopts external independent power supply control to provide long time lighting on the premise of not consuming the power of the aircraft itself.

  • Lightweight integration

    The housing is integrated with the lens Stronger sealing, waterproof performance effectively improved Greatly reduce the counterweight

  • Strong light, fast heat dissipation

    The lumen of a single lamp is up to 10000LM Efficient heat dissipation, continuous operating temperature <50 ° c.

  • Portable control

    Development based on DJI OSDK Synchronize UAV data link The control distance is more than 2km

  • Over current protection

    Intelligent circuit protection system Avoid permanent wear and tear after overfalling

Adapted models

  • Matrice 210 series
  • Matrice 300 RTK
  • Matrice 350 RTK
  • Matrice 600 series