Manual download

GL10 User Manual (Chinese)

2023-08-21 .pdf

GL10 Unboxing and Installation

2024-03-11 .mp4

GL10 Gimbal Searchlight Tutorial

2024-03-12 .mp4

GL10 App Download and Activation

2024-03-11 .mp4

GL10_czi Sound Activation

2024-03-29 .mp4

GL10 Firmware Upgrade Tutorial

2024-03-12 .mp4

Firmware download

GL10 Firmware Release Notes

2024-06-03 .PDF

GL10_firmware V03.00.02.00

2024-06-03 .bin


2024-03-01 .PDF

APP download

czi Sound

Software download


CziAssistant_Release(for Windows)

Software download


czi Pilot

Software download

Ver:V1.3.0 (C30N、MP10E、GL10、GL60 mini、PK10、LP35)