Parameter information





Effective distance


Laser type

Fiber homogenized laser

Light wavelength


Zoom time

≤3 seconds (far Angle - near Angle)

The optical power


The lighting Angle

0.56 ~ 45°

Working temperature



Infrared Laser Zoom Searchlight

IR10 Infrared Laser Zoom Spotlight,It uses the latest fiber laser, emitting light power up to 12W, 70 times the optical zoom, the maximum infrared supplementary light distance of 1000 meters. As for large zoom camera with IR mode, such as DJIH20/H20T, the whole process can be clearly illuminated and the image quality is transparent, with excellent effect of penetrating smoke, rain and haze. Night reconnaissance beyond line-of-sight can be achieved. Through DJI SkyPortV2.0 interface, it can be directly mounted on DJI M200V2, M300RTK and other series of UAV for use, for reconnaissance, search and rescue, patrol inspection and other fields to provide users beyond the visual insight of the night.

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