Parameter information






Product 2298g±50g

Compatible fuel

75% alcohol

Maximum volume


Ignition method

High-pressure pulse ignition

Adjustable nozzle angle range

Pitch ±15° Horizontal ±20°

Targeting System

Targeting System

Flaming distance

3 ~ 7m adjustable (no wind)

Supported Drone


Load interface

DJI SkyPort

Rated power


Communication link

DJI Drone Link

Minimum Working time

Single continuous operating time≥ 50S


Drone flamethrower

czi's new generation drone flamethrower FT10 is different from the traditional gasoline flamethrower, using alcohol as fuel to eliminate the safety problem of gasoline dripping. The new high-power laser-assisted targeting device can precisely lock the target before spraying fire, and with the rotatable nozzle, a single spray can ignite the floating objects on the power grid. At the same time, the integrated adjustable pressure system can flexibly adjust the spraying distance, up to 7 meters, with a special remote control to achieve long-range control, and easily cope with various complex scenes. It is adaptable to the DJI M300 drone which can safely and efficiently assist electric power companies and power grid systems to remove floating objects from high-voltage lines and ensure the safe and stable transmission of electricity.

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