Parameter information






Empty 1150g

Cartridge capacity

2 rounds

Firing method

Electrify triggering

Supported ammunition

64mm Bussa Bomb

Supported models

DJI matrix M300 RTK Series

Mounting options

Quick mount and release

Load interface

DJI SkyPort V2.0

Power rating


Control method

DJI M300 RTK Remote Control + czi App

Control link

DJI UAV link

Control distance

Consistent with DJI M300 RTK control distance


Electronic Launcher

The ES Series launcher is a dedicated for drones, based on the DJI PSDK and adapted to the DJI M300 flight platform. The unique quick release bracket and locking structure make disassembly and assembly easy and fast. The multiple vibration and shock resistant design is stable and reliable. The launcher can be quickly replaced according to the actual mission, so that it can shoot continuously and quickly reload, using a unified launcher controller, real-time video feed back via PSDK link, PSDK link control, hover window operation, no additional third party hardware remote control needed, single operator can complete the task. The ES series can be used together with DJI H20 or H20T/N for reconnaissance tracking and strike missions. The laser-assisted aiming system provides more accurate and reliable targeting. The all aluminium alloy and carbon fibre housing is robust and reliable, and the launch chamber cover is separated from the launch barrel for quick and easy use. The ammunition including smoke grenade and anti-riot gas grenade and other ammo for different mission needs. The ES638 electronic launcher was awarded a national invention patent.

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