Parameter information




225*273*225 mm



Maximum power


Supply voltage


Operating temperature


Mount interface

DJI SkyPort V2.0 (Suitable for DJI M300 RTK)
czi quick release adapter ring (suitable for other brands of drone)

Communication link


Pitch angle


Broadcasting method

Live broadcasting < br / > Upload a recording < br / > Play audio files < br / > Background music (automatic dodging) < br / > Text to speech (supports many dialects)

Audio format

mp3 / wav / m4a / flac / aac


Handheld microphone / aircraft control terminal / CZI


Digital Voice Broadcasting System

czi MP140 is a special drone Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), the highest sound volume can reach 140dB, the farthest sound reaching more than 1000 meters, in the effective coverage area, it sounds clear to the object of broadcasting. With strong penetration, it can effectively transmit voice information to the target, can carry out a wide range of aerial broadcast announcements, suitable for large-scale exercises, rescue scenarios broadcast command, and dispatch. With strong sound disperse mode, it can be used for strong sound expulsion in mass events and strong sound bird disperses in airports and other scenes. The MP140 comes standard with a built-in 3-axis anti-shake micro gimbal camera, with no need for a separate gimbal camera when performing broadcast missions and effectively increasing the operational endurance of the drone. With the DJI Skyport V2.0 interface, it is seamlessly compatible with the DJI Matrix M300 RTK series flight platform. It adopts into quick-release adapter ring, which can be docked to other brands of drones on the market with a pay load capac it y greater than 2.7KG. It can be widely used in law enforcement/firefighting/emergency management etc.

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