Parameter information




225*272*221 mm





Supply voltage


Working temperature


Mount interface

DJI SkyPort V2.0( M300 RTK)
Assembly to quick release adapter ring (docking with UAVs of other brands in the market)

Communication link

DJI UAV link + LTE network link

Pitch angle


Shouting mode

Real time shouting < br / > Recording upload < br / > Audio file playback < br / > Background music (auto Dodge) < br / > Text to speech (support multiple dialects)

Audio format

mp3 / wav / m4a / flac / aac

Control end

Handheld microphone / aircraft control terminal / CZI



Chengzhi mp140 is a special long-distance sound raising device (LRAD) for UAV, with a maximum sound pressure of 140dB and a maximum sound raising distance of more than 1000m. It has clear sound and strong penetration in the effective coverage area, can effectively transmit voice information to the target, and can carry out large-scale air broadcasting publicity. It is suitable for broadcasting command and dispatching in large-scale drill and rescue scenes. It has strong sound dispersion mode, which can be used for strong sound expulsion of group events and strong sound expulsion of birds at the airport. The mp140 is equipped with a handheld microphone as standard and a built-in three-axis anti shake micro PTZ camera. When performing broadcasting tasks, there is no need to add another PTZ camera, which can effectively improve the operation life of the UAV DJI SKYPORT v2.0 interface is seamlessly compatible with Dajiang Jingwei M300 RTK series flight platform. The Chengzhi quick release adapter ring is adopted to connect with other UAVs with payload capacity greater than 2.7kg on the market. It can be widely used in military and police units, fire rescue, maritime and other law enforcement units.

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