How to repair

Please call the customer service hotline at 400-008-8306 if you need to exchange or return goods

CZZN warrants that the products you purchase are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use under warranty. The warranty period of this product is from the day you receive the goods, or otherwise specified by CZZN.

Maintenance rules

In case of any performance failure of the product within the effective warranty period, you may apply for the product warranty service. The free warranty service must meet the following conditions:

√ The self-purchased products are normally used within the specified warranty period, and the products have non-human performance faults;

√ No unauthorized removal, modification or addition except as specified in the official instructions, or other non-human faults;

√ Provide valid purchase certificate, document and document number.

The following circumstances are not included in the free product warranty service:

× The occurrence of man-made collisions and burning accidents caused by non-product quality problems;

× Damage caused by unauthorized modification, dismantling, opening of shells and other behaviors under the guidance of unofficial instructions;

× Damage caused by improper installation, use and operation without instructions in the manual;

× Without the guidance of official instructions, the customer repair the damage caused by the assembly by itself;

× Damage caused by circuit modification guided by unofficial instructions, or improper matching of battery pack and charger;

× Damage caused by failure to operate according to product instructions;

× Damage caused by operation under adverse environment, such as wind, rain, sand, etc.

× Damage caused by operation in complex electromagnetic environment or strong interference source environment, such as mining area, transmitter tower, high-voltage line, substation, etc.

× Damage caused by operation in the case of mutual interference with other wireless equipment, such as transmitter, graph signal, WiFi signal interference, etc.;

× Damage caused by compulsory use in case of aging or damage to parts;

× Damage caused by reliability and compatibility problems when used with non-CZZN-certified third party components;

× Damage caused by insufficient discharge due to insufficient power supply or use of batteries with quality problems;

× Machine serial number, factory label and other signs of tearing, tampering;

× After contacting CZZN to confirm the warranty service, the corresponding items were not shipped within 7 natural days.

× Other circumstances referred to in the policy.

Other Notes:

√ Different countries purchase products, due to product differences, the warranty period of return and replacement and warranty services will be different.For details, please contact 400-008-8306.

√ When sending products to CZZN, you have to bear the shipping cost first.

√ After the customer sends the problem product back, the CZZN authorized agent or CZZN after-sales Service Center will conduct fault detection on the product to determine the responsibility for the problem after receiving the problem machine. CZZN is responsible for the inspection fee, material fee, labor fee and express fee in case of product quality defect.

√ If the tested product does not meet the condition of free repair, the customer can choose to pay for repair or send back. √ If the problem of the machine is not covered by the warranty (if the machine is damaged by human), we will charge corresponding inspection fee, replacement fee, test fee, labor fee and express fee according to the specific problem.

√ Please note that product maintenance may lead to data loss, please backup your data first.

√ The overinsured product may pay for the data analysis service, and the analysis results will not affect the final processing plan of CZZN.

√ Do not send back batteries with damaged core, bulging, leakage and other serious damage;If it has been sent back, our company will scrap such batteries and do not return them.

√ Due to the differences in product versions, the product does not support global warranty service and can only be provided in the regional maintenance center designated by CZZN.If repairs are required at a designated service center in a non-purchased area, CZZN will do so based on local inventory and will provide fee-only services.

√ If the receiving address provided by the customer is wrong, or the recipient refuses to accept the package, the loss arising therefrom shall be borne by the Customer.

√ If the express delivery fails to deliver or is returned to THE CZZN after rejection, the CZZN will take care of it and calculate the storage fee from the date of return.Due to the requirements of the storage environment, please refer to 400-008-8306 for details of the storage fee. When the storage fee is equivalent to the residual value of the product, CZZN will have the right to dispose of the product.(Calculation method of product surplus value: Surplus value = original selling price - this maintenance cost)

√ Customs duties, customs clearance and other expenses incurred by sending products across borders without CZZN's consent shall be borne by the customer.

√ If the product is flooded, it will seriously affect the product performance and has no maintenance value. Therefore, CZZN is unable to provide maintenance service. It will provide replacement service for the product.

√ Before sending the products for repair, please properly handle the personalized articles and decorations attached to the original products (including but not limited to decorative stickers, UAS stickers, paint spray paint, etc.). CZZN is not responsible for any damage or loss of personalized articles and decorations.

√ In order to ensure your normal rights and interests, please check whether the products are in good condition (whether there is damage caused by logistics and other reasons) when you sign for the goods.If there is any abnormality in the product, please inform us within 7 days from the date of signing for the product.Otherwise, your default product will be deemed to be free of damage and perform normally.