CZZN Media currently provides corporate videos, film and television advertisement production, production and distribution of radio and television programs; exchange, planning, design, and production of various advertisements for film and television cultural and artistic activities, and use its own media to publish various advertisements, exhibition and display services, and photography Video, rental of own video equipment, video clothing design, rental equipment service.

01.Early communication

1.Communicate user needs

2.Determine the preliminary plan

3.Confirm quotation

4.Signing the contract


02.Creative stage

1.Refine the shot

2.Detailed shooting plan

3.Determine the shooting plan

4.Out of the shot table

03.Production preparation

1.Select actors

2.Step on the venue

3.Arrange Daohua clothes

4.Set up the scene

04.Official shooting


2.Film crew staff

3.The actors are in place


1.Coarse editing

2.Customer comments

3.Fine editing

4.Dubbing and color matching packaging

06.Acceptance stage

1.Client review

2.Output into film

3.The customer pays the final payment