Optical Design Engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Feasibility assessment of optical performance of new products and new projects, simulation, evaluation and optimization of new products and new designs;
2. Complete the optical design according to the design requirements, communicate the supporting structure process requirements, and output the design results such as drawings;
3. Guide product trial production and evaluation, and integrate upstream supply resources;
4. Suggest product trial production and testing methods;
5. Guide the improvement of the optical quality of the company's products.
1. Bachelor degree or above requires more than 5 years of work experience
2. Familiar with geometric optical aberration theory and rich design experience, have a certain understanding of physical optics and material optics;
3. Proficient in and other optical design software
4. Familiar with optomechanical structure design, able to use solidwork and AutoCAD drawing software
; 5. Familiar with optical component processing technology and testing methods, and have experience in precision instrument assembly
6. Experience in precision optical instrument manufacturing is preferred.
Personal introduction