Drone Structural Engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Participate in the R&D project of multi-rotor UAV, and be responsible for related structural design, including airframe structure design, power system design, etc.;
2. According to the input requirements of the project, follow the corresponding industry design specifications and standards, and determine the UAV structural design scheme;
3. Use 3D design software for 3D modeling, do dimensional analysis, and produce design drawings for prototype boarding;
4. Test the relevant functions and reliability of the prototype and summarize the problems and improvements;
5. Produce the product BOM list, approve the material and issue the approval report;
6. Design auxiliary tooling fixtures for production or testing;
7. Complete other delivery documents in the project stage, such as product technical specifications, test standards, etc.
1. Full-time bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical design, major in aircraft design is preferred;
2. Solid foundation of mechanical design principles, familiar with common materials and properties of UAVs, familiar with material forming process and surface treatment methods;
3. Proficient in the use of structure-related 3D design software;
4. Simple static finite element analysis can be performed;
5. Have a deep understanding of the quality management system, familiar with the relevant norms and standards of the industry;
6. Have more than three years of experience in the development of multiple rotor UAVs, and be the leader of it.
Personal introduction