Assistant Industrial Designer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the design of the company's products, and be able to complete the appearance project independently.
2. Responsible for the production of hand-drawn products and two-dimensional renderings.
3. Docking with structural designers to implement the refinement and verification of structural drawings.
4. Pair modeling. Color. Craft. The surface treatment has full perception and grasp ability, has good hand-drawing skills, and can complete 2D renderings and 3D modeling and rendering.
1. Product design and related majors, bachelor degree or above.
2. Active design thinking, strong innovation ability, style control ability and strong hand-drawing ability.
3. Have team spirit and sense of responsibility. Have responsibility, ideals and correct outlook on life and values.
4. Proficient in industrial design two-dimensional, three-dimensional and other related software.
Personal introduction