Motor Control Algorithm Engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the design, development and implementation of advanced motor control algorithms, including but not limited to PID control, vector control, sensor fusion, etc., to meet the requirements of efficient and stable operation of motors in various application scenarios.
2. Continuously optimize and debug the existing motor control algorithm to improve the response speed, accuracy and robustness of the algorithm to meet the changing business needs.
3. Responsible for writing and updating relevant technical documents, including algorithm design documents, development documents, test reports, etc., so that other team members can understand and use them.
4. Provide technical support and training for other team members to help them understand and use motor control algorithms and improve the technical level of the whole team.
1. Master's degree or above, major in electronic and electrical, automation, control science and engineering, etc., with a solid theoretical foundation in mathematics, physics and motor control.
2. Proficient in motor control algorithms, such as PID control, vector control, sensor fusion, etc., and have rich practical project experience. Familiar with knowledge of motor drive technology, power electronics, control theory and other related fields.
3. Proficient in C/C++, MATLAB and other programming languages, able to write efficient motor control algorithm code, and have good code debugging and optimization capabilities.
4. Have participated in the research and development experience of motor control related projects, be able to independently complete the algorithm design, development and optimization work, and solve the technical problems encountered in the project.
5. Have good team spirit and communication skills, and be able to work closely with other team members to jointly promote the progress of the project.
Personal introduction