Embedded Software Engineer (Flight Control)

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the planning, design, coding and testing of the embedded software system of PX4 UAV.
2. Develop and maintain UAV flight control, navigation, sensor data acquisition and processing modules according to project requirements.
3. According to the hardware characteristics of the PX4 platform, write the corresponding drivers and interface codes to ensure smooth communication and interaction between software and hardware.
4. Implement algorithms related to the PX4 platform, such as data processing, control algorithms, communication protocols, etc., and continuously optimize these algorithms to improve the performance and efficiency of the system.
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronic engineering, computer science, communication engineering and other related majors.
2. Proficient in C/C++ language programming, familiar with embedded software development process.
3. Familiar with the hardware architecture and characteristics of the PX4 UAV platform, and understand the control algorithms and communication protocols related to UAVs.
4. Proficient in commonly used embedded development tools and software debugging tools, such as GCC, GDB, JTAG, etc.
5. Familiar with UAV control algorithms, such as flight attitude control, path planning, autonomous navigation, etc., and be able to implement and optimize algorithms.
6. Have a certain understanding and practical experience in data processing, sensor fusion, machine vision and other related algorithms.
7. Have good team spirit and communication skills, and be able to work closely with other team members to jointly promote the progress of the project.
Personal introduction