Embedded Software Engineer (Linux Video Direction)

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the driver development and debugging of Linux system
2. Assist Linux application engineers to solve kernel driver problems
3. Responsible for the development and debugging of Linux application interface software firmware
4. Support hardware engineer debugging and development, and on-site support if necessary
5. Output relevant design documents and use documents;
6. Responsible for the positioning of system problems, solving the software defects of the embedded driver layer, and outputting the problem analysis report.
1. Proficient in C/C++ development language, with experience in mipi communication protocol application development;
2. Proficient in Linux, C/C++, Shell, Kemel, Driver, Camera, etc.;
3. Have a solid C/C++ foundation, Linux driver or application development experience is preferred;
4. Familiar with common buses and interfaces, experience in U-boot and Linux kernel driver development, and experience in MIPI port driver development is preferred;
5. At least 2 years of experience in embedded software product development, understand hardware-related design, such as the use of various chips, circuit schematics, etc., and have the ability to read schematic diagrams proficiently;
6. Experience in HiSilicon, Rockchip, NVIDIA platform development or ARM platform development is preferred;
7. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, responsible, self-motivated, proactive, and good team spirit;
8. Holding a car driver's license is preferred.
Personal introduction