Warehouse clerk

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Provide warehouse management system accounts and various data and reports
1. Daily incoming material storage, production and issuance, receiving, workshop returning, and waste material system account processing;
2. Print and submit the "Inspection Order" and "Outbound Order" of materials to the warehouse keeper for processing; 3. Incoming identification and issuing list identification printing;
4. Product production warehousing and sales warehousing system account processing.
5. The supplier's incoming "delivery note" is summarized and submitted to the purchasing department every week;
2. Warehouse management supervision
1. Daily inspection of the warehouse keeper's work to achieve the implementation, material material, warehouse and system account verification;
2. The warehouse keeper registers the "Management Form with Electrostatic Bracelet" and "Warehouse Temperature and Humidity Management Table" and implements the 5S control of the warehouse;
3. Supervise the timely cleaning of the incoming material waiting area, the qualified quality inspection waiting for storage area, and the material preparation area, and implement the warehouse area to be completed day by day;
4. Follow up other affairs arranged by the team leader.
1. College degree or above, 1 year or more experience in electronic device warehouse is preferred
2. Familiar with warehouse entrance and exit management related systems, material code is preferred;
3. Have certain communication and coordination skills and execution.
Personal introduction