Hardware Project Manager

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Ensure that project requirements are properly collected, understood, and translated into clear and unambiguous project objectives for implementation;
2. Define and confirm project key performance indicators, and manage work within scope, quality, cost and schedule constraints;
3. Clarify and communicate project objectives and success criteria;
4. Responsible for the success of the entire project, including cost, schedule, quality and scope management;
5. Lead the team to identify project risks and formulate mitigation measures;
6. Facilitate communication with all stakeholders and "manage" stakeholders. This includes escalating issues to a higher level of management;
7. Work with the company's management to determine the forecast and staffing needs of current and future needs;
8. Responsible for the internal and external customer satisfaction of the success of the project, understand and exceed the needs and expectations of customers (internal or external);
9. Ability to assemble and lead strong cross-functional teams to achieve company and/or client goals;
10. Develop and execute the project plan, develop a roadmap with clear dates and deliverables;
11. Provide regular project updates to the project team, relevant departments, stakeholders, project leaders, and senior leadership as needed.
1. Bachelor degree or above, more than two years of experience in hardware project management;
2. PMP certificate or project management qualification certificate of the same level is preferred;
3. Proficient in computer, WPS software, basic project management tools.
Personal introduction