New media operations

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the daily operation of WeChat public account/Douyin account/Xiaohongshu and other platforms.
2. Independently complete the writing, publishing, operation, backstage maintenance, fan interaction and topic production of short copywriting.
3. Responsible for the control, data analysis, live broadcast data analysis and industry research of online content of self-media platforms.
4. Analyze and optimize the data of each platform, timely feedback the operation effect, evaluate the effect of delivery and promotion, and put forward constructive suggestions on the planning plan according to the actual situation.
1. Understand the content gameplay and rules of each platform, be good at capturing hot spots, have an excellent sense of networking, understand the tonality of platform users, and have strong ability to select topics, creativity, packaging and promotion.
2. College degree or above, more than 2 years of relevant work experience, (experience in building accounts from 0-1 on various platforms is preferred) marketing, new media and other related majors are preferred.
3. Be proficient in using H5, Xiumi, PS and other software, be good at making mind maps, and have certain copywriting and content creation capabilities.
4. Be sensitive to data, understand the user growth and conversion model, and be good at data analysis.
5. Strong execution, cross-departmental communication and coordination skills, sense of responsibility and teamwork.
Personal introduction