IT Assistant

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Proficient in the use of Windows system and Office software.
2. Have a certain understanding of the network and be able to solve simple Internet problems.
3. Be able to judge computer failures and have certain maintenance capabilities.
4. Responsible for the company's Internet access and the company's LAN management and daily operation.
5. Responsible for the management and maintenance of the company's multi-functional conference equipment, network copiers/printers and other computer peripherals, as well as solving general faults.
6. Responsible for the installation, management and maintenance of software and hardware of daily computer equipment.
7. Familiar with network structure and common computer software, and be able to independently install, debug and maintain system software and hardware.
8. Other tasks assigned by superiors.
英语 1. College degree or above, major in computer technology and network engineering is preferred.
2. Experience in desktop operation and maintenance, network, server operation and maintenance, enterprise PC, printer, conference equipment, network and server operation and maintenance management or networking.
3. Have good ability to solve faults, communication and coordination and logical thinking skills;
4. Have strong ability to work under pressure, sense of responsibility and good professional ethics.
5. Have a strong learning ability, constantly improve their skills and continue to optimize their work.
Personal introduction