IoT Product Manager

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the demand analysis and product design of the company's industry line UAV mission management system, and the planned iteration of products according to the version;
2. Generate a requirements document (PRD) or interaction design draft based on the scenario analysis of the company's hardware products and industry applications, and work with the experience designer to develop the UI design draft;
3. Study the products and changes of the UAV industry in the field of emergency applications, and analyze competing products. Design detailed product solutions according to company planning, customer needs and market feedback;
4. Analyze product data and user data, grasp user usage, propose and verify product optimization plans, and continuously improve product user experience;
5. Work closely with developers to ensure the progress and delivery quality of the project, and be able to coordinate with relevant departments to cooperate with the research and development of the project.
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, electronic science and other related majors is preferred, software product design experience in hardware company is preferred;
2. Have strong requirements analysis skills, thoughtful and logical, and be able to output PRD documents independently;
3. Pay attention to user experience, have empathy and understanding ability, and be able to think from the user's point of view;
4. Proactive, able to promote the project and deliver with quality and quantity;
5. Pay attention to details, have a positive attitude, have the spirit of innovation and the ability to continue learning.
Personal introduction