Junior tension system engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Product mechanical structure, design of mechanical parts, material selection;
2. Simulation and design of rotary transmission mechanical structure;
3. Cooperate with circuit engineers to complete product design;
4. Quickly produce 3D and 2D drawings according to company specifications;
5. Guidance on equipment assembly and debugging, and quick problem solving;
6. Cooperate with industrial designers to carry out appearance design;
1. Majors in mechanics, aerospace, machinery, vehicle engineering, ship engineering, thermal energy and power engineering, electrical engineering, physics, etc.;
2. Have a good theoretical foundation: such as vibration theory, theoretical mechanics, solid mechanics, finite element theory, signal processing and data analysis, robot dynamics, etc.;
3. The following relevant experience is preferred:
(1) Master modal testing methods and analysis methods;
(2) Master the common software for finite element analysis, and have experience in meshing;
(3) Proficiency in using simulation software and experience in multi-body dynamics modeling;
Personal introduction