Interaction Designer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Accurately understand user behavior and product needs, and assist products to optimize product design solutions;
2. In-depth analysis and evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of the interface design of competing products, and put forward optimization plans for product structure, process, function, interface, etc.;
3. Responsible for product interface framework design, interface prototyping design, UX design specification formulation and implementation, etc., and control the interactive experience of the entire product;
4. Problem-oriented, design suitable interactive solutions under complex business logic.
1. Have a keen sense of design for Internet product trends, have good visual aesthetics and realization ability, interactive thinking, excellent grasp of visual color and page layout, and detail control;
2. Have an in-depth understanding of the methods and processes of user experience design, and form a more complete design idea and design methodology;
3. Excellent communication skills, establish good communication with products, development and vision;
4. Proficient in Axure, Sketch and other design software, have innovative thinking on the Internet, and have a certain understanding of social products;
5. Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of product design experience in the Internet industry;
6. Have strong learning and Xi ability, be able to quickly grasp new knowledge in a short period of time, have unique insights into the known field, and be able to apply past project experience in the work.
Personal introduction