Sales Manager (Forestry)

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Analyze customer needs, coordinate, organize personnel to discuss needs, and write plans.
2. Bidding work, do a good job in the collection of bidding information, for the selected bidding projects, carry out the preparation of bidding documents and bids, and comprehensively deal with the affairs of industry sales.
3. Familiar with DJI products and self-owned products, according to customer needs, actively follow up with customers, realize orders, and be responsible for following up the progress of payment collection for customers who have completed orders.
4. Responsible for the procurement of single input goods that have signed contracts or are signing contracts, and ensure that the delivery tasks are completed in a timely manner and within the specified time.
5. Keep abreast of the development progress of the industry, estimate the development trend of the industry, and adjust the sales strategy in a timely manner.
6. Assist channel providers to make quotations and product explanations, and promote the signing of channel customer contracts.
7. Expand new customers, maintain old customers, be good at communication and discover new business opportunities.
8. Track the shipment of project equipment, control the smooth delivery of equipment, and ensure the smooth delivery of equipment;
1. College degree or above, major in computer and software, marketing and other related majors is preferred, and strong PTT ability is preferred;
2. 1 year and working experience in forestry and environmental protection sales industry is preferred;
3. Have abundant customer resources and customer relationships, and excellent performance is preferred;
4. Strong market analysis, marketing, promotion skills and good interpersonal communication, coordination skills, analysis and problem-solving skills;
Personal introduction