LED Driver Hardware Engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Pre-research design, scheme selection and device selection for different projects;
2. Schematic design, PCB layout and hardware debugging of related products, and improvement of product hardware;
3. Guide and track the production of related products, and assist in dealing with abnormal production problems;
4. Archive the relevant design, technology and production materials of the project.
1. Major in electronics, electrical, automation and computer;
2. Master the basic knowledge of digital electricity and analog electricity;
3. Familiar with hardware product research and development, with the ability of scheme selection, schematic development, PCB layout, hardware design, etc.;
4. More than 3~5 years of experience in switching power supply principle and circuit board design and motor drive and high-power LED driver design;
5. Familiar with discrete circuits, proficient in FET and transistor applications, understand LED parameters and three-phase motor drive.
Personal introduction