Finance Assistant

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Review the expense reimbursement bills of each department to ensure the reasonableness and accuracy of each expense, and follow the company's expense reimbursement system;
2. Review, supervise, feedback and other related work of Kingdee Star Cloud System, and assist in maintaining the operation of Kingdee Star Cloud System;
3. Assist and cooperate with the host accountant to complete special work such as tax declaration, annual final settlement, annual audit, high-tech annual report, and export tax rebate of statistical statements;
4. Collation, binding and archiving of financial vouchers and other related materials;
5. Cooperate with other positions in the daily finance department.
1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. Familiar with accounting regulations and new accounting standards, and understand the relevant knowledge and skills of enterprise financial management;
3. Proficient in various office software and financial system operations;
4. Have strong learning and Xi skills, communication and coordination skills, pay attention to teamwork, and have clear logical thinking;
5. Be honest, serious and rigorous, aggressive, and have a certain ability to work under pressure.
Personal introduction