Business Assistant

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Responsible for department sales orders, input, and delivery information feedback work, with prior experience in bidding and tendering preferred 2. Responsible for collecting and managing archives such as business contracts, bidding documents, and documents 3. Responsible for following up on customer payments, implementing them, organizing, calculating, and reimbursing departmental business invoices 4. Assist in following up on the management of sales warehouse prototypes in our department, tracking in and out of warehouses, and conducting inventory checks 5. Organize and report weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual sales data and progress of the department, and assist in various sales incentive accounting work 6. Responsible for the process of receiving orders, pricing, and issuing quotations for after-sales service 7. Assist in organizing departmental work meetings and record, organize, and output meeting content 8. Complete other tasks assigned by company leaders.
1. Bachelor's degree or above, with experience in sales tracking or secretarial work 2. Having certain copywriting skills, familiar with using office software such as Word, Excel, PS, and proficient in PPT software 3. Strong abilities in overall planning, coordination, and communication.
Personal introduction