Embedded Software Engineering (Architect)

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Responsible for designing and optimizing the embedded software architecture of the product 2. Responsible for the design, development, debugging, and functional verification of embedded operating system modules 3. Optimize the ARM product architecture for low power consumption and ensure interoperability between the product and various mainstream platforms 4. Responsible for technical control, technical risk assessment, and development cycle assessment of the project 5. Track the latest technological developments in the embedded field and provide technical guidance to the team
1. Master degree or above in computer science;
1. Proficient in C/C++, Python and other development languages, proficient in data structures 2. Being able to achieve good modular design to reduce program complexity, improve code reusability, make each module functionally independent, and facilitate task decomposition to achieve corresponding functions 3. Being able to summarize the commonalities in specific fields, using framework design to enable secondary developers to achieve special functions by rewriting subclasses or assembling objects, while simplifying development, avoiding risks, and improving stability 4. I have deeply participated in product architecture design and have a deep understanding and experience in designing simple, highly reusable, scalable, reliable, high-performance, and low-power architectures (having a complete software architecture design for a software product and experience in mass production applications is preferred) 5. Rich experience in embedded software development, such as operating systems (RTOS, Linux, Android), wireless communication, etc; Deeply understand SoC architecture, such as ARM, DSP, etc 7. Has good communication skills, pressure resistance, and technological innovation ability, emphasizes teamwork, and a serious and responsible work attitude
Personal introduction