iOS development engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Develop and maintain IOS client APP software;
2. According to the product design plan, realize data storage, business logic, network communication, message push and other functions;
3. Cooperate with other developers and testers to fix software problems and complete product release in time.
1. College degree or above in computer and software related majors, more than 2 years experience in IOS client APP software development, bluetooth project development experience is preferred;
2. Proficient in Objective C or swift language, with experience in using mainstream open source components;
3. Familiar with Xcode, UIKit, Cocoa Touch is preferred;
4. Proficient in multi-threading, network, memory management and UI development under iOS;
5. Have a good CCObjectiv-C foundation; have good English reading ability, and be able to consult IOS development documents and related development framework documentation;
Personal introduction