System Software Engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Understanding business: Understanding user needs, clarifying what users need to do, and transforming business into software products;
2. Software design: Based on requirements and software and hardware development, adopt mature technologies to achieve a summary and detailed design of the application system. This is the responsibility of senior programmers and the goal of our efforts.
3. Coding: Write and debug code according to the design plan. This is the most basic requirement.
4. Testing: Find and correct software defects through unit, integration, and other methods. Unit testing is completed by developers, while integration testing is completed by testers.
5. Maintenance: After the software delivery department, we need to participate in maintenance work and promptly solve problems discovered by customers.
6. Actively participating in reviews at various meetings is an indispensable part of multi person collaboration in the software industry. In this industry, communicating and collaborating with colleagues has become an essential skill
1. Master's degree or above, majoring in Geographic Information or Computer Science 2. Have a foundation in computer graphics, understand the implementation principles of UV maps, shaders, materials, meshes, lighting, etc 3. Proficient in WebGL/OpenGL, proficient in using WebGL frameworks such as Cesiumjs and ThreeJS, and understanding the basic principles of the framework 4. Solid foundation in 3D mathematics, able to write shaders and achieve special effects by oneself 5. Having a foundation in computer graphics, able to combine WebGL to perform special effects on images 6. Proficient in using Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, and other technologies 7. Experience in WebGL/OpenGL and Three.js Cesium projects is preferred, while reading ThreeJS and CesiumJS source code is preferred
Personal introduction