Embedded Software Engineer (FPGA)

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Scheme design and feasibility analysis of 3D imaging, machine vision, image transmission and other modules on FGPA 2. Responsible for the development of FPGA programs and modules, including HDL code writing, simulation, debugging, and timing optimization 3. Responsible for writing and maintaining relevant design documents, instruction documents, and testing documents for the completed product
1. Graduate degree or above, relevant FPGA development experience;
2. Proficient in RTL design languages such as Verilog, possess a good programming style, and have a deep understanding of logic and timing optimization; 3. Proficient in FPGA development, debugging, and verification processes; Familiar with Xilinx/Lattice FPGA devices and integrated development environment; 4. Familiar with common communication protocols (I2C, SPI, UART, MIPI CSI, USB3, TCP/IP protocol, etc.), with experience in FPGA product development and implementation; 5. Good English reading and writing skills, able to proficiently read and understand English technical materials. Bonus points: 1. Experience in developing and debugging audio and video MIPI drivers; 2. Have experience in developing and landing Camera type FPGA products; 3. Have some engineering experience in FPGA image algorithm acceleration
Personal introduction