Embedded Software Engineer (SDK track)

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Responsible for embedded software development based on DJI PSDK;
2. Responsible for the development of embedded software based on the company's SDK;
3. Application, system configuration development and maintenance based on Linux operating system platform;
4. Software development and maintenance of MCU system;
5. Carry out embedded software design, write development documents, complete code implementation, debugging and testing according to the R&D process and specifications;
1. Bachelor degree and previous degree, audio and video development experience is preferred;
2. Familiar with C, C++/Shell programming language, system software development experience of Linux operating system, proficient in device drivers and system configuration, and FreeRTOS development experience;
3. Have a preliminary hardware foundation and understand the interface of hardware devices;
4. Proficient in using code management tools such as git/repo;
5. Proficient in embedded system development such as ARM, with experience in single-chip STM32 or similar chip development;
6. Familiar with common communication interfaces I2C, SPI, UART, etc.;
7. Drone industry, robot industry background is preferred;
8. Strong hands-on ability, good interpersonal skills, communication skills and teamwork spirit;
9. Linux system development experience with Rockchip, NVIDIA, Allwinner and other chips is preferred.
Personal introduction