Electrical Control Algorithm Engineer

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Participate in the overall solution design and software architecture design of the motor controller;
2. Development of motor control algorithms such as brushless DC and permanent magnet synchronization, and complete the required imitations, algorithm development and debugging;
3. Cooperate with hardware, embedded and test teams to integrate and optimize the system to improve product function, performance and stability;
4. Promote the construction of the driver's algorithm development.
1. Bachelor degree or above, electronics, electronics, automation and other related majors, have mass production experience of more than 1 year of product;
2. Have good motor theoretical knowledge, proficient in motor control algorithms such as BLDC \ PMSM, if you have a sense/unsophisticated FOC, DTC, MTPA, dead zone optimization, etc.;
3. Familiar with the design method of high reliability drives, such as fault diagnosis, fault tolerance control, etc.;
4. With rich programming experience, familiar with numerical calculation software, and familiar with C language, it has good programming specifications;
5. Familiar with the relevant standards and processes of airworthiness, and have the project landing experience;
6. Familiar with the architecture of any platform such as ARM, DSP, etc., have a certain hardware basic knowledge, master the basic hardware debugging tools; 7. With strong learning, communication expression ability and good teamwork spirit, strong internal drive, courage to accept challenges.
Personal introduction