Java Development Technology Leader (Server Development Coordinating)

Scope of Responsibilities
1. Follow the company's related technical standards and specifications, and complete the design and development tasks with high quality;
2. Participate in the analysis and detailed design work of the system, conduct technical control, and design, detailed design, code, etc. Review;
3. Be proactively to learn new knowledge in the industry, cooperate with R & D manager and testers to complete system development together;
4. Responsible for project development management, and responsible for the technical structure of the project, responsible for the development of the core code of the main sector;
5. Responsible for leading the technical team for project development;
1. 3-5 years and above use the front and back-end development experience of Java language;
2. Familiar with the technical architecture of Java and understand the principles and mechanisms of the relevant open source framework, including but not limited to Spring/SpringMVC/SpringBoot, etc.;
3. Familiar with mainstream databases, familiar with common database programming techniques such as storage procedures, SQL, views, etc.
4. Be proficiently using prototype tools for demand analysis and design;
5. Have a certain business analysis and architecture capabilities, take the core development role of the project team;
6. Familiar with object -oriented development methods and design models, familiar with agile development process, strong logical thinking ability, thinking The road is clear;
7. With a high degree of teamwork spirit and serious scientific attitude, strong sense of responsibility and career;
8. Have excellent analysis and ability to solve problems;
Personal introduction