Overseas sales manager

Scope of Responsibilities
1. According to the company's performance requirements, complete the overseas local market performance goals, and achieve steadily growth in performance;
2. Responsible for overseas national channel construction, maintenance and channel operations, establish a stable and benign distribution channel network, and enhance the company's local market share in overseas markets;
3. Investigate and understand the information of the market and industry, in -depth understanding of customer needs and user feedback, and based on market conditions and business development progress, formulate and adjust business planning and sales strategies for local markets, and put forward construction of our product optimization and development of construction Sexual suggestions to promote the improvement of company product strategies and market strategies;
4. Assist the marketing department to formulate and implement local marketing activities overseas, enhance the company's brand awareness and influence, and promote the achievement of sales performance;
5. Timely follow up with daily sales business such as customer inquiry, business negotiation, product testing, order performance.
1. Bachelor degree or above, Spanish and English can be used as working languages, with channel sales or key customer sales experience related to independent brands going overseas;
2. With the knowledge of the drone industry, as well as the marketing and sales experience in the load field;
3. Have excellent negotiation capabilities and master strong business negotiation skills;
4. There are related experience in overseas exhibitions, familiar with the planning and operations of various online and offline marketing activities. 5. Strong goals, guidance, good psychological quality, strong pressure resistance, good at teamwork, strong motivation and learning ability.
Personal introduction